myQA: Guidelines of Use and Privacy Policy

Legitimate use of technology includes the following:

  • Researching activities that relate to learning activities as part of the Academy curriculum
  • The use of messaging/email for exchanging appropriate information and engaging in collaborative projects
  • The design and development of digital products related to learning activities

Unacceptable use of the computer network and resources include:

  • Sending or displaying offensive and anti-social material
  • Using obscene language via messaging/email
  • Harassing, insulting or bullying
  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks (for example, by the creation, introduction or spreading of computer viruses, physically abusing hardware, altering source codes or software configurations, etc.)
  • Possessing software that is capable of accessing protected sections of any network, to damage the technology/network, or to obtain other peoples' passwords
  • Violating copyright laws. The legal rights of software producers and network providers, and copyright and license agreements must be honoured (for example, downloading copyrighted games could result in legal proceedings, resulting in a fine)
  • Using other users' passwords or allowing others to use your account login
  • Trespassing in others' folders, work or files
  • Employing the technology/network for commercial purposes or activities by for-profit institutions or organisations, product advertisements or political lobbying is prohibited
  • Using technology and the network to disrupt its use by other individuals or by connecting networks
  • Disrespect of others' privacy and intellectual property
  • Using any means to avoid scrutiny by teachers of work in progress
  • Non-curricular applications including but not limited to video games, movies, social media whilst on campus